Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremony

Traditionally, sitting in ceremony and ritual were the most fundamental ways to be in community and collectively celebrate, honour one another, grieve, and pray with each other.

Studies show that one of the single-most contributing factors to our healing as individuals and as society is to be witnessed by each other, within a group. However, in the modern age most of society (particularly in the West) has lost their connection to ceremony. We believe this is one of the most significant aspects that feed the sense of disconnection, anxiety, and depression that many people feel today.

The intention of our ceremonial offerings is Unity: to bridge the gap that exists by encouraging grounded transformation within a group setting. Particularly in such tumultuous times where the support of the tribe is needed more than ever, our ceremonial offerings provide a safe space for connection.

What is Ceremony?

We define “ceremony” as a marked occasion, where a group consciously chooses to sit together with a particular intention. Said simply, a ceremony marks a special time of coming together.

During a ceremony, we often honour a significant event, or occasion, combining our ceremonial intentions with the cycles of life to activate a particular energetic frequency. An example of a ceremony might be choosing to come together to release trauma and accelerate healing or gathering to celebrate an important life achievement or milestone.

Our Sacred Ceremonies are for any person wanting to go deeper in their capacity to heal themselves and/or others. We specialise in creating powerfully transformative experiences that support your individual growth as well as your connection to a community or tribe of like minded people. 

Ceremony Season is Closed for 2022. See you in Spring 2023!