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The Academy offers unparalleled guidance and support to those just awakening as well as to those seasoned on their spiritual path. Our passion is providing the foundational tools, essential principles and the space for safe, practical exploration of one’s gifts.

Think of us as a Modern-Day Mash Up of Hogwarts and Professor Xavier’s school for the Gifted.


Like both of those epic institutions of fantasy, The Academy only accepts participants who are naturally gifted in the spiritual or magickal arts.

Our intention is to empower and support the magickal community in re-membering their fullest self-expression, thereby expanding the possibility of a World that Works for All.


The Academy is a twelve 12- month experience that includes:


Weekly Virtual Classroom w/ Expert Faculty as Guides

(Crystals, Runes, Spellcrafting, Ethnobotany, Folk Medicine, Candle Magick, Astrology, Ritual Design, Community Development, Ceremonial Etiquette and so much more!)

        Monthly Community Rituals (Virtual)

                Quarterly Group Rituals

                Initiation Ceremony at Completion of Journey

Eligibility is determined during the interview process an on a case by case basis. 


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